Why Solo Travel is Good for My Soul: Getaway to Sicily

4 min readNov 11, 2022

To begin with, I booked my first solo getaway (four days) on the spur of the moment. I was feeling down from work and didn’t travel for three years. It was the best decision ever, I’ve never felt freer, or happier in a very long time. I was so grateful for the universe and for nature. What a wonderful world!

A new experience to broaden my sight

I’ve planned everything, from the flight tickets to booking the hostel. I was feeling peaceful for an anxious person because I was living in the moment. I was overwhelmed by the sunlight of Sicily. It was really something else. The energy I felt was moving me. I went on incredible boat cruises for the first time and I saw amazing islands. On my last day, I did nothing according to my plan. It caused me to meet the most incredible people. Also, I had for the first time ever in my life: kissed a stranger. We spent hours talking, I did like him from the very first second I saw him.

The power of organizing my own day

Besides these people have inspired me to come back to Sicily. They were all doing a solo Sicily trip. So, three weeks later I took a week off from work and planned to go visit new places! First of all, it was about allowing myself to be spontaneous. I’ve loved spending time with myself and discovering and meeting people from all over the world. We live in a society that requires us to do everything in due time and I’ve loved taking the time to explore, eat, to reflect on my day. I’ve also loved that I could choose a random café, or restaurant to eat at and being able to have the choice and be surprised by the magic of the moment.

Mostly my favorite thing to do was to wake up early and go for breakfast. I’d go to get a cappuccino and a pistachio croissant, while walking across the streets I feel the heat and the humidity on my skin. I was smelling the sea breeze all around me and it felt great. It goes without saying that Italian food is better in Italy.

The world is full of wonders with beautiful nature

For a young woman traveling solo is as challenging as traveling for a man nowadays. I’ve never felt threatened, or scared but I wasn’t taking risks either. I just enjoyed my liberty to listen to myself: spending time alone, or socializing.

The most incredible thing was watching amazing landscapes on my way to Syracuse on the bus and to Naples on the train. The world is full of wonders and we tend to forget them really easily. I was feeling present, and happy, I’ve never felt lonely but I had to rest more.

Those trips make me feel so liberated. My advice to every girl who wants to travel alone is to make sure that you are prepared enough to handle any unexpected things that could come up. Thank you for reading me. I wish you all incredible experiences traveling alone or not.

🙍‍♀️Chaïma Ajdid from France has studied many foreign languages like Spanish and Mandarin. Because she wants to travel to lots of countries and it helps her understand local culture and get closer to locals. Her dream city is New York, hopes to meet NomadHers there someday! Instagram: @cozynova_

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