Where to stay in Jeju: Top 5 Female-Only Guesthouses

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When it comes to planning a trip, every traveler has their own set of priorities. So, we asked female travelers within the NomadHer community a crucial question: “What is the most important factor you consider when mapping out your travel adventures?” The responses poured in, highlighting the significance of factors such as accommodation, food recommendations, and information about tourist attractions.

Among these factors, accommodation emerged as the top priority for many female travelers. As the popularity of solo female travel continues to rise, we noticed an increasing number of travelers planning trips to Jeju Island, the most beautiful haven in Korea. Inspired to assist women traveling alone, we have curated a selection of women-only guesthouses on the jeju island that provide comfort, safety, and a sense of belonging.

But this isn’t just about providing general information on accommodations — our team at NomadHer went the extra mile. We embarked on a journey to Jeju Island, personally meeting each exceptional host and capturing their remarkable stories. As passionate travelers ourselves, we understand that it’s not just about finding a place to stay; it’s about immersing yourself in a unique experience that resonates with your journey.

In this article, we invite you to join us as we unveil the inspiring stories of these remarkable hosts who have crafted their women-only guesthouses in Jeju Island with love, care, and a genuine understanding of the needs of female travelers.

Best 3 Women-Only Guesthouses in Jeju Island to Relax and Recharge

1. [West of Jeju] Relaxing in a quiet neighborhood next to Gwakji Beach, Minsu Minsu Guesthouse(민수민수 게스트하우스)

Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m curious about your journey prior to establishing the female-only guesthouse on Jeju Island. Could you share a bit about your background?

I used to work at a publishing company in Seoul, where the best part of my job was discovering hidden gem-like writings within manuscripts. My love for books remains strong, and I continue to enjoy searching for and reading compelling articles online. Even after relocating to Jeju, I have become a member of the Jeju Literary Society and consistently write my own articles and books.

What inspired you to establish women-only accommodations among other possibilities?

During one of my month-long solo journeys around Jeju Island, I had the opportunity to experience various guesthouses. It was only natural to notice both the highlights and inconveniences along the way. I couldn’t help but acknowledge the difficulties that arose, particularly when it came to using the restroom. As a female traveler myself, I firmly believe that the most crucial element of any trip is finding a haven where one’s body and mind can truly unwind. Hence, the concept of establishing a female-only guesthouse resonated deeply with me.

What kind of female travelers typically choose to stay at your guesthouse?

Solo travelers make up around 60–70% of our guests, and we also welcome groups of two friends quite frequently. Since our guesthouse can accommodate a maximum of 7 people, we don’t often have larger groups staying with us. As a result, our guesthouse primarily attracts female travelers who seek a quiet and peaceful retreat during their time in Jeju.

On the first floor, we operate a gimbap (Korean seaweed rice roll) restaurant from 7 AM to 2 PM, and during other times, it serves as a cozy lounge where guests can relax and engage in conversations. The second floor is dedicated to sleeping accommodations, which are separate from the lounge area. Oh, and by the way, our gimbap is absolutely delicious. Some guests even book their stay just to savor our gimbap before embarking on their next destination.

I’ve heard that you have a great passion for solo travel and have even embarked on a walking journey around Jeju Island for a month.

Indeed, I used to embark on solo trips extensively before getting married. There’s something about traveling alone that brings a profound sense of ease and comfort. When you travel with others, there’s always a need to find a middle ground, accommodating each other’s preferences and desires. It becomes a delicate dance of compromise and coordination.

However, I must admit that despite the joys of shared travel experiences, it’s challenging to fully claim a trip as truly “mine” when traveling with others. Solo travel, despite occasional bouts of loneliness and uncertainty, offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth that simply can’t be replicated.

It’s incredible that you’ve been on Jeju Island for five years now. Could you recommend any hidden gems to fellow travelers?

If you’re traveling alone on Jeju Island, I would suggest visiting Sambangsan Mountain and Biyangdo Island. While the east is famous for Udo Island, the west is home to Biyangdo Island. It takes about an hour to go around the island, and you can truly experience the untouched beauty of Jeju, with goats freely roaming the roads and simple buildings that give you a sense of the past. It’s a place where you can find peace and serenity. I highly recommend it to those who want to experience the quiet and nostalgic side of Jeju.‍

If you could give a piece of advice to solo female travelers exploring Jeju Island, what would it be?

As a passionate solo female traveler myself, I believe that travel is a way to get closer to oneself. Above all, I recommend documenting your conversations and thoughts through writing. The things you learn and feel during your travels will become more vivid and cherished over time. Even though I live on Jeju Island, it still excites me as a travel destination and is a significant part of my life.

Information about Minsu Minsu female-only guesthouse(민수민수 게스트하우스) in the west of Jeju Island

  • Location : 5903–6 Iljuseo-ro, Hanlim-eup, Jeju City (Google map)
  • Just a 15-minute walk from Gwakji Beach and a 12-minute bus ride from Handam Beach.
  • On the first floor of the accommodation, there is a Doruru Kimbap restaurant operating from 7 AM to 2 PM. You can taste delicious kimbap made with flavorful ingredients.
  • Blog: https://blog.naver.com/zikkzikk (Korean blog)
  • Reservation : Korean website
  • Tel : 0507–1365–7771
  • Price: 25000 KRW (18 EUR per night, single bedroom )

2. [South of Jeju] Embrace Tranquility in a Charming European Retreat, Jungwon chaekbang (정원책방)

Hello! Nice to meet you. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m genuinely curious about what brought you to Jeju Island.

I had plans to leave my job in Seoul and travel abroad, but an unexpected circumstance arose, causing a slight delay. During that period, I decided to embark on a month-long trip to Jeju Island before proceeding with my international plans. I chose to stay at a charming guesthouse, and the journey through Jeju proved to be incredibly healing for me, particularly given the mental exhaustion I was experiencing at the time.

Following my unforgettable experiences in Jeju, I returned to Korea after a short stopover in another country. However, Jeju Island continued to captivate my thoughts. This strong connection prompted me to reach out to the guesthouse and become part of their team as a staff member. Over time, new opportunities arose, eventually leading me to run my own remarkable guesthouse.

What motivated you to establish a women-only guesthouse?

As a traveler who loves to explore, I asked myself, “What kind of travel experience do I personally enjoy?” It dawned on me that amidst the hustle and bustle, it’s crucial to have a space where I can unwind and enjoy my own time. I’ve always cherished the simple pleasure of reading a book or watching a movie with a glass of wine in hand, and I felt compelled to create a guesthouse that offers such spaces. Moreover, I believed that these would be appreciated by female travelers.‍

What kind of female travelers primarily visit your guesthouse?

Our guesthouse tends to attract individuals in their 30s and we also have a significant number of mothers as guests. I believe this is because our space offers a comforting and immaculate environment. As the host of a female-only guesthouse, I place great emphasis on cleanliness and strive to provide a pleasant atmosphere for all our guests.

When it comes to running a women’s guesthouse in Jeju Island, is there a particular aspect that you prioritize and pay meticulous attention to?

Without a doubt, cleanliness takes the top spot. I firmly believe it is the cornerstone of any accommodation experience. When I myself stay at various places during my travels, one of the first things I assess is how well-maintained and immaculate the property is.

Cleanliness is something that can either go unnoticed or become glaringly obvious with even the slightest neglect. A single day of lax maintenance can be immediately felt by discerning guests. That’s why I consider ensuring the utmost cleanliness to be a key factor in creating a positive impression when guests first step into the guesthouse. It’s an intangible quality that is felt rather than expressed in words. By upholding this fundamental standard, I believe our guests recognize and appreciate the exceptional quality of our guesthouse.

I’ve heard that you invest a significant amount of time when selecting your guesthouse staff.

It makes perfect sense to invest time and effort in selecting staff members who will contribute to the creation and maintenance of the ambiance in this space. Finding individuals who align with our values and fit well with our team is of utmost importance. Equally crucial is our emphasis on staff training.

This space appears to appeal to people who value and actively seek peace and tranquility. The tranquil surroundings and the fact that the majority of our guests seek a quiet sanctuary indicate a preference for a more serene and introspective experience. Those who thrive on constant social interaction and are uncomfortable with solitude may not find this environment to be an ideal match.‍

The accommodation itself exudes the charm of a European mansion, with exceptional attention to detail in the interior decor. I’ve been informed that guests can enjoy movies in the lounge area every evening.

Interior design has always captivated me, and I’ve taken great care in selecting every item and enhancing the overall aesthetic of this space. Each piece has been thoughtfully curated, ensuring that no corner is left untouched. As a result, I’ve become personally connected to every aspect of this place.

In terms of entertainment, we screen movies every evening at 8:30 PM in the lounge on the first floor. Guests can unwind and immerse themselves in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere while enjoying a film, along with pizza and wine.

I heard that you went on your first solo trip to Japan after graduating from high school

That’s right. With my parents’ permission, I embarked on my first solo journey to Japan for three weeks. The memories from that time are still vivid in my mind. After arriving at the train station, I found myself completely clueless about how to reach my accommodation. To make matters worse, I had lost my phone, leaving me unable to search for directions or use Google Maps. I felt quite bewildered, especially since it was my first trip and I lacked the confidence to approach local Japanese people for help.

As I aimlessly wandered around the train station, hours passed, and evening descended upon me. It was at that moment when a kind-hearted Japanese individual noticed my lost expression and approached me. Thankfully, they provided clear directions and guided me to my accommodation. To my surprise, I discovered that the place was just a short 5-minute walk from the train station. It had taken me an entire day to find it.‍

Wow, traveling for three weeks without a phone is unimaginable. And since then, you’ve continued to embark on solo adventures. What advice would you give to female travelers preparing for their first solo adventure?

It’s natural to feel fearful when embarking on your first solo journey. It’s like jumping into a world you haven’t known before. Nobody can predict what you’ll encounter there. It’s just like my experience of wandering around for a whole day, not realizing my accommodation was just a 5-minute walk away.

After going through such experiences, one might think, “I just want to go back home.” But I never had that thought. Instead, I learned that I can somehow find solutions and overcome any challenges that come my way. I realized that there is always a solution to every problem. Through solo travel, I gained a lot of confidence. I’m sure you will too once you start your solo travel journey!

Information about Jungwon Chaekbang female-only guesthouse(정원책방) in the south of Jeju Island

  • Location : 700–6 Uigwi-ri, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do (Google map)
  • There are plenty of bathrooms available inside the rooms and in the hallway, ensuring convenient access for guests.
  • In the spacious lounge, reminiscent of a cozy cafe, guests can unwind and enjoy a delightful combination of books, movies, and delicious treats like wine and pizza.
  • Blog : https://blog.naver.com/bookshopmd (Korean blog)
  • Instagram : @rooftop_guesthouse
  • Tel : 0507–1312–3842
  • Reservation: Korean website or Send Instagram DM
  • Price : 28000 KRW (20 EUR per night, 4-person room), 55000 Krw (40 EUR per night, single room & 2-person room)

3. [East of Jeju] Experience Your Own Retreat at Pyeongdae Berlin with a Trendy Bar in a Traditional Jeju House (평대베를린)

Hello! Nice to meet you. Could you please introduce yourself?

I used to work as a designer in Seoul, but now I run a women-only guesthouse on Jeju Island. Being an avid traveler, I have had the opportunity to explore various destinations and have developed a deep love for the art of traveling. From Europe to Southeast Asia and even here in Jeju Island, I have ventured far and wide.

During my journeys, I have had the pleasure of meeting incredible individuals who have become lifelong connections. One of them happened to reside in Jeju Island, and I was instantly captivated by the charm of the neighborhood and an amazing house that caught my eye in Jeju. That very place is the guesthouse you’re seeing now.

I’m curious about the reason behind starting a women-only guesthouse.

The reason for starting a women-only guesthouse is rooted in my own identity as a woman. I personally live in this house alongside the guests, and it’s important to me to have control and be able to handle any situation that may arise. Being a female host and traveler myself, I naturally knew what needed to be done.

The concept of a Berlin-style bar seems quite unique.

Having traveled extensively in Europe, I was particularly captivated by the ambiance of bars and pubs in Berlin, where people could freely enjoy their own time. This inspired me to create a space adjacent to the guesthouse that captures the essence of a Berlin-style bar, evoking a sense of freedom and individuality. It’s a place where guests can unwind with a glass of wine, savor their own moments, and engage in casual conversations with fellow guests. My goal is to provide a comfortable environment where everyone staying at the guesthouse can truly enjoy their own time.

What kind of travelers usually visit?

We receive a diverse range of travelers, but solo adventurers are quite common. The age group varies, spanning from individuals in their 20s to mothers. Some visitors are specifically intrigued by the name “Berlin” and come to explore. Generally, those seeking a peaceful getaway and personal relaxation in a tranquil neighborhood are drawn to our guesthouse.

Have there been any memorable guests during your time operating the female-only guesthouse?

I have fond memories of some guests who arrived shortly after I opened this accommodation on Jeju Island. One guest, in particular, stood out — a nurturing older sister figure. Despite my initial anxieties and uncertainties as a new host, she approached me with genuine warmth and reassurance. It was as if the roles had reversed, and she became the one looking after me. Her kindness and support left a lasting impression, highlighting the remarkable nature of her character.

Why do you enjoy traveling alone?

When it comes to traveling alone, I believe it offers a lot of benefits. One of the reasons I enjoy solo travel is the ample time it provides for deep reflection. In our busy lives, it’s often challenging to find moments to truly focus on ourselves. But when I travel alone, I have uninterrupted time to engage in introspection and contemplate my thoughts. It allows me to uncover buried emotions and gain a deeper understanding of myself.

Another advantage of solo travel is the opportunity to meet new people. Without the presence of familiar faces, I feel more open to connecting with strangers and forming new friendships. Being free from the expectations or judgments of others, I can approach interactions with genuine curiosity and openness. It leads to memorable encounters and the chance to learn from people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Do you have any memorable episodes from your travels?

Absolutely! Through my travels, I’ve had many experiences of forming connections with people I wouldn’t have met in my everyday life. One standout memory is when I was a big fan of a DJ based in France. I adored their music so much that I collected over 10 of their CDs. That passion led me to embark on a solo trip to Paris. However, one evening, I accidentally left my phone in a taxi as I was heading back to my accommodation.

You know, in Paris, finding lost items can be as difficult as hoping for a miracle. But, luckily, my Airbnb host at the time went above and beyond to assist me. What’s interesting is that I later discovered they were also a musician. Since establishing my own accommodation in Jeju Island, that host has occasionally visited and we’ve enjoyed musical sessions together. It makes me wonder if I hadn’t embarked on that trip, would I have ever had the chance to meet such a wonderful person? When it comes to the love of travel, occupations, and age really don’t matter.

What would you like to say to solo female travelers?

As someone who has traveled extensively, visiting destinations all over the world, from Europe to Southeast Asia, I understand the thrill and joy that comes with exploring new places. When I created my accommodation, I aimed to capture the essence of a Berlin-style bar right here on Jeju Island, offering women travelers a unique experience.

Traveling has been an incredible journey of self-discovery for me. With each adventure, I’ve realized that the world is much bigger and more fascinating than I could have ever imagined. Just the thought of where I might be and what I might be doing in a few years fills me with excitement and wonder. That’s the beauty of travel — it ignites a sense of anticipation and opens up endless possibilities.

My hope for women travelers is that they embrace the opportunities that travel presents and immerse themselves in new experiences. May you discover a world beyond your wildest dreams, broaden your horizons, and create lasting memories along the way.

Information about Pyeongdae Berlin female-only guesthouse in the east of Jeju Island

  • Location : 39–37 Pyeongdae 2-gil, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (Google map)
  • This place showcases the stunning combination of Jeju's traditional architecture and the host’s exceptional interior design sense.
  • In the evenings, it offers a cozy space where you can immerse yourself in contemplation at a Berlin-style bar.
  • Instagram: @im.your.ener.jia
  • Reservation : Korean website
  • Price : 70000 KRW ~ 80000 KRW(50 ~ 60 EUR / per night , single room)

Top 2 Women-Only Guesthouses to Experience the Real Jeju Island

4. [West of Jeju] Experience authentic Jeju Island with a female farmer at Jeju Gaksiiwuda(제주 각시이우다)

Hello! Nice to meet you. I’ve heard that you are referred to as “Captain Hong” around this village.

Thank you for making the journey all the way from Seoul! Before I started running this women-only guesthouse, I had quite a diverse range of occupations. I’m quite skilled with my hands, so I can handle anything easily. I do farming, cooking, woodworking, and more. I really enjoy meeting new people and finding satisfaction in connecting with those who need assistance. Over time, the villagers started seeking me out whenever they needed help, and that’s how the nickname “Captain Hong” came about.

Jeju Island is your hometown. I’m curious to know what you did before venturing into this female-only accommodation.

From a young age, I made my way to the mainland and spent 17 years traveling throughout the country, trying my hand at various jobs. I even had the opportunity to open a wine bar and explore different interests. It was during those travels, as I ventured through different cities in Korea, that I developed a keen interest in regional culture and cuisine. I must say, I have a genuine love for Jeju Island’s food. So, wherever I found myself, I made it a point to research and delve into the local traditional dishes, unraveling their unique characteristics. Eventually, the desire to return to my roots grew strong, leading me to embark on a farming journey in Jeju Island.

I’m curious to know what inspired you to pursue farming and become a female farmer.

I felt the desire to return to my hometown, Jeju Island, at some point. I missed the sense of comfort that home brings.

Although I had never tried farming before, I realized that there are very few things in life where you start knowing everything from the beginning. When you don’t know something, you seek help from those around you and learn as you go.

Life as a female farmer starts early in the morning. There are tasks to be done at different times of the day and in different seasons, so time cannot be wasted. Occasionally, guests ask if it’s challenging, but I find joy in working with the soil, savoring the scent of the earth.

It’s remarkable that you not only engage in farming but also operate a female-only guesthouse. How did you come to start the guesthouse?

I have a strong sense of determination, which is why I decided to operate a women-only guesthouse in addition to farming. Being a woman myself, I believe I can handle any situation better and prioritize the safety of my guests. Moreover, Jeju Island holds a special place in my heart as my hometown, and I wanted visitors to truly experience the authentic beauty of Jeju during their stay.

You hope that visitors can truly experience the real Jeju Island.

I have a genuine passion for nature, eco-friendliness, and upcycling. When people travel to Jeju Island, I want them to be able to feel a deep sense of tranquility just by quietly gazing at the sunset. As much as people love Jeju, I hope they also choose to embrace a travel style that respects and appreciates the island’s natural beauty.

What kind of people usually visit your guesthouse?

Due to our focus on eco-friendly experience programs, we attract a diverse range of visitors who are seeking more meaningful and memorable experiences during their travels. In addition, we are conveniently located near renowned yoga retreats, the Jeju Craft Beer Experience Center, and the famous Olle trails, which often attract travelers to come and stay with us.

Could you provide more details about the local activity programs you offer?

One of our standout programs is the Jeju Beachcombing experience, where you have the opportunity to collect discarded beach debris and transform it into unique art pieces on your own canvas. Additionally, we offer Jeju farming experience, Mobile Classes, Bomal kalguksu (Noodle soup with top shells) Cooking Classes, and Healthy Drink Making Classes using fresh seasonal ingredients such as green tangerine, pumpkin, Beet, and more. These diverse and engaging programs provide people with authentic local experiences that are distinct from Jeju Island.

What message would you like to say to female travelers visiting Jeju?

If there’s one thing I would like to say to solo female travelers exploring Jeju Island, it would be to embark on your journey with a deep love and appreciation for Jeju. By nurturing and preserving this breathtaking island, you contribute to creating an even more remarkable travel destination.

Information about Jeju Gaksiiwuda(제주 각시이우다) female-only guesthouse in the west of Jeju Island

  • Location : 3592 Jungsanganseo-ro, Hangyeong-myeonJeju-si, Jeju-do (Naver map)
  • A variety of local experience classes are held on the first floor of the accommodation.
  • Blog : Korean blog
  • Instagram : @jeju_guesthouse_3592
  • Reservation & price (single room) : 010–5798–5066

5. [East of Jeju] Cozy and friendly women-only guesthouse, Stay Dongbaek(스테이동백)

Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you. Could you please tell us about your accommodation?

Welcome to Stay Dongbaek, a women-only guesthouse that captures the tranquil charm of a quiet rural village in Jeju. Alongside our adorable companion, our pet “Hope”, we provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of visiting a dear relative’s house during a nostalgic vacation.

What kind of female travelers typically choose to stay at your guesthouse?

Our guesthouse attracts those in search of a leisurely and relaxing getaway. Many guests long for the sentiment of reconnecting with a long-known friend or relative, which is why they choose to visit our place.

I’ve heard that you offer a variety of local tour programs too.

As a female traveler who also loves exploring new places, I started this with the intention of allowing visitors to Jeju Island to truly experience its beauty and create cherished memories during their journey. Particularly for solo travelers, there can often be hesitations about going on tours alone. I thought it would be wonderful if they could join in the activities naturally and engage in conversations with fellow guests while staying together at the guesthouse.

We provide an array of programs for you to enjoy. From sunrise tours to hiking Jeju Oreum, having sunset picnics, embarking on Hallasan Mountain expeditions, and visiting Gapado Island, there is something for everyone, depending on the season and weather.

Furthermore, when traveling alone, there are limited opportunities to capture precious moments in photographs. As a photographer, I take it upon myself to document the beautiful moments of our guests during their stay on Jeju Island. With genuine dedication, I strive to capture shots that reflect the heartfelt experiences they have. Appreciation from travelers, when they see their photos, motivates me to continually improve my skills and deliver even better photos.

As a host, I can see that you genuinely enjoy the travel programs!

Although I reside on Jeju Island, the truth is that familiarity sometimes makes us less inclined to venture out. Thanks to these tours, I get to spend quality time with wonderful guests. Without them, I might not have had the opportunity to witness breathtaking sunrises or explore the island under the cloak of night. Their presence allows me to fully immerse myself in the natural beauty of Jeju Island.

Can you share a few words of advice for women who travel solo?

Traveling with friends also has its upsides and downsides. If you had a fun and enjoyable trip with your friends, it’s not necessarily because you were a perfect match, but rather because there were compromises made for the benefit of each other, right? For instance, if I want to explore more of a particular landscape but my friend prefers to rest at the accommodation, we have to compromise and go back together.

On the other hand, solo travel offers the advantage of being able to fully focus on yourself. You only need to pay attention to your own voice. However, the downside is that there’s no one to share the experience with when you taste something delicious or see something beautiful. Therefore, since every trip has its pros and cons, I recommend fully embracing the allure of solo travel when you decide to embark on a journey alone.

Information about Stay Dongbaek(스테이동백) female-only guesthouse in the east of Jeju Island

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