Where is the safest country to go for my first solo trip?

5 min readDec 31, 2021

One of the most popular questions that are asked in our NomadHer community is “where is the safest country to go for my first solo trip?“. This isn’t an easy question to answer. But, In NomadHer community, there are lots of women solo travellers who are willing to share their tips and stories. We all understand how difficult to start the first solo trip in life. That’s why we ask our NomadHers to recommend a safe country for women travellers based on their experience. and here are their answers.

🌟 South Korea

In South Korea, If I want to go to the bathroom when I was at a cafe, I just went by leaving my laptop on the table without being worried like who’s gonna take it.

People in here have a mindset like why people take mine that is not theirs. This thought is so natural here.

So which cities I visited in Korea, I was never worried about who stole my cellphone or didn’t need to wear a small bag inside of my jacket.” by Soyeon, Korea

“My first solo trip was in South Korea and I felt safe from the beginning to the end. All places on the street were well organized. It was my first trip on my own. I felt relieved all the time in here.” by Line, France

🌟 Germany

“Germany is the place I have felt the most comfortable walking and doing stuff on my own. I was never disrespected, harassed, or taken for granted and a very respectful culture.”

By Maria, Colombia

“I have lived in Germany and especially in Berlin for almost 11 years and I can confirm that I have never felt threatened or felt unsafe. People mind their own business and really respect personal space and at the same time they are open-minded.”

By Maria, Berlin


“South Korea and Japan are one of the safest countries to travel solo as every convenience store is open 24 hours and many street lights are out there and you feel safe for walking alone in the night most of all, I like the fact that there are fewer chances of being stolen your phone and camera which is so important for me.”

By Hyo, South Korea

🌟 Iceland

“For me it’s Iceland. It is 100% safe for a woman alone. You don’t feel insecure when you walk during the night in a street or if you have any precious things with you.

Minds are open and they are used to having great equality between men and women which is really precious. Moreover, cities are small so you don’t have the feeling to be lost with billions of people around you and Reykjavik is a really easy city.”

By Judith, France

🌟 Estonia

”I would like to add Estonia, I spent 10 days in this country alone, I was a bit scared before visiting the city because many people asked me “Isn’t it dangerous for a lonely woman?” And the answer is 100% no.

People mind their own business but if you ask them for help, they will try their best to help you. But at first sight, they can look distant and cold. I talked to some employees of shops, restaurants and I was really surprised by their kindness (which is a bit different from France) you have many different cultures in Estonia which are perfectly mixed together.

A guy explained to me that policemen were just a few in the countryside because of the low criminal rate. I was harassed only by stupid tourists who wanted to find a girl in Estonia during their trip (and they probably believed I was Estonian so they asked me) but not local people. And I just advise you to be careful of these Western tourists who visit Eastern European countries to live a kind of “Very Bad Trip” because most of the time they come from Western Europe but otherwise I feel very safe.”

By Judith, France

🌟 Czech Republic / Belgium /Austria

“During my five-month travel through Holland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Germany, were off-work hours I was totally alone, I can say that these are countries I totally safe and relaxed. There’s also an app that helps you out with less safe areas, you just have to put the city and it will tell you where it’s less safe at certain times of day or night, I believe it has been mentioned here, Wher.” by Monica , Portugal

”Germany and Austria, depending on the area of course but when I walked alone there I felt so safe. And you can enjoy nature around city too. So, If you start your solo trip at first time in your life, then I recommend these countries.”by Jeannine, France

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