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About NomadHer article contributor program

5 min readDec 6, 2022

Every female traveler already has their own story to share. We believe that women can grow through traveling. Our goal is to inspire female travelers to start their solo trips as getting out of their comfort zone and feel a strong bond as part of a connected global women’s community.

How does NomadHer do this now? By sharing our own travel stories. Every female traveler is a pioneer in their life. We know that you are ready to give inspiration to others. That’s how NomadHers are connected over the world.

Empower women through writing your story. That is why over 20,000 female travelers from 178 countries have shared their stories now through NomadHer. At first, people hesitated to try a first solo trip with concern but when they started, travel became a part of their life. From sharing your concern, and fear, and the way to overcome them to sharing the travel tips that you discover to enjoy the trip, you can find your subject that starts to write.

We believe that every female traveler has their own story to share and it is you!

What you can expect from this program now

Your article will be featured on the all official channels of NomadHer from the guidebook section of the app to the website, newsletter, and Instagram with your name. Your article will be reached 20000 App users, 25000 Newsletter subscribers, and 6000 Instagram followers. Sharing a travel story with NomadHer will become your first step to broadening your own area and helping your self-branding. Now, speak out your story to people.

For 2 months, we will provide 3 online networking sessions talking with fellow writers and the NomadHer team. You can feel more closely connected and learn from each other. It is not mandatory to participate, but networking sessions will motivate you to keep writing.

NomadHer team will be with you throughout the entire process as a writing mate. When you write, you can get feedback right one time. NomadHer team will give a guide from deciding subject to finishing your article. You are not alone when you write. NomadHer team will be always on your side.

Depending on the content, your article can be translated from English into Korean too and published on one of the popular Korean platforms. We will help your story spread over the world.

(Only for participants who complete this program)After finishing this program, we will do a paper interview with participants who complete this 2-month program with 2 articles. We will feature you on our website.

What NomadHer team expect from you

1️⃣This program will be held for 2 months from Jan to February of 2023. You will write 1 article in English every month. So after this program, you can have 2 articles. We hope that you enjoy the journey until the end of this program.

2️⃣Promote your articles on your own social media. We will bring readers for you through all our platforms. We are proud of what you do for NomadHer and we hope that you will feel the same way as spreading your article to your followers.

3️⃣We expect your honest and true story which is that only you can talk not copy from others.

4️⃣Your articles that are written for NomadHer will not be published on other websites. It will be the best way for both sides to consider SEO.

Article guide for you

🟡 5 Words that describe our voice:

Inspiring, confident, authentic, openness, and empathy

🟡 Our audience

All our audience has lots of curiosity about the world and is ready to be connected with female travelers. That is the energy that makes the vibe of the NomadHer community.

Their range in age is between in their 20–40 and over 50. More than half are based in France and next is South Korea and USA. But basically, NomadHers are based all around the world.

Some of our readers are experienced travelers who enjoy traveling with a global mind and understanding cultural differences, and others are just starting to solo trip abroad so looking for a guide for a beginner.

🟡Our article

This is what female travelers in the community are currently looking for.

: Informative article talking about a specific topic(not general) with your inspiration

There are tons of information on the internet. So, we recommend you narrow down your subject for your article. In addition with it, what makes your article becomes really unique is your own perspective and insight. For example, If you live in Germany, you can write about your favorite top 7 local foods or 5 good streets to walk and why you like them. You are already an expert more than any other people about your city. Not only giving useful information but also sharing your insight to make your article richer and make readers empathize with it.

𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦 𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐝𝐮𝐥𝐞 & 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐲

Apply period: Mon, December 5th ~ Sat, December 31st(Paris local time)

Get in touch with applicants: Mon, January 2th

The first online networking session altogether: Sat, January 7th(Meeting time will be informed later, not mandatory to join)

Program: January 7th ~ February.28(Total 2 EN articles, 2 months)

Click here right now to apply and participate! (2 min)❤️

When you join this 2-month program, you will submit below :

  • Total 2 articles in English(1.5~2 pages with Word file per article)
  • Travel photos (at least 5 photos per article)
  • Your social media address to tag on your article
  • Your introduction to put on your article
  • Send these to

We believe that every female traveler has their own story to share and it is your turn to do it now! We can’t wait to read your story!❤️ If you have more questions, please send mail to anytime!


I’m interested in this program but I don’t know how to write a good article

A good article is always talking for the audience and this is a big difference from writing a diary. These days, what people want to read is dealing with the specific subject with the writer’s inspiration/view. You can start with the city where you live. For example, 7 ways that locals enjoy their weekend. If you like to visit cafes, you can write about 10 local cafes that have a unique concept.😊 Believe everything you have done by now can be your content!

There are 3 online networking meetings during this 2 months program from Jan to February. Is it mandatory to attend?

It is not mandatory to attend these online networking sessions. The reason that we provide this is that it will help you keep writing and getting energy from each other. Writing can be lonely work sometimes, but your fellow writing mate and NomadHer team will be your cheerleader. 🥰

I have more questions about this program. Who do I contact in this case?

You can contact Any question is welcome. We will reply asap. 😉

More about NomadHer

NomadHer is an app for female globetrotters to encourage solo travelling safely. NomadHer has a vision of empowering women through travelling.
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