Let’s see behind the story of 3 winners in the Illustration challenge (NomadHer x Busan city)

For the past month, we had a NomadHer illustration by partnering with Busan City and around 15 NomadHers from all different parts of the world have participated. Well, here are stories of 3 NomadHers and I hope you enjoy them. Again, We appreciate all of you who have participated in NomadHer illustration challenge!😀

From Sheryline

🔸 Why did I participate?
Bonjour, I’m Sheryline, 27 years old, from Paris (France) and cofounder of Le Papondu. I started drawing with my father when I was young. And in kindergarten, my teacher asked my parents to develop my artistic talent. That’s where I learned different arts and fell in love with nature and landscape drawings.

🔸 What did I want to express through my work?
When I’ve heard of the « Illustration Challenge 2021: the Beauty of Busan city », I was affected. I started learning and discovered the real beauty of this city: the diversity of landscapes, all the colors we can find on houses but also the walls and trains and the food specialties. I’ve also learned that there was an international movie about Busan « Train to Busan ».
So I wanted to regain each element to my drawing and transmit the feelings I had while learning about this pretty city.

🔸 What do I think about the Nomadher community?
I grew up in France, with very protective parents. The majority of my travels were with my family and was in Asia. I always wanted to travel alone, because for me, « solo travel » means « liberty, independence, curiosity, and exploration », but my parents were afraid of it. For my last travel, I took the plane alone for the first time and was very proud. It’s the starting point for several trips alone! I immediately felt the beautiful energy of women from NomadHer: good vibes, kindness, and strength!

From Kristen

🔸Why did I participate?
I am a graphic designer and recently completed a master’s degree in art direction. I love illustration & travel & am looking for ways to combine the two. When I saw that this competition I was so excited.

🔸 What did I want to express through my work?
I had an idea of trying to combine many iconic places in the city into one composition because a city is not just one landmark but a combination of everything from people, to large monuments, to tiny alleyways, to the food, etc. That is why I tried to incorporate the Gamcheon village, the Haedong Yonggungsa temple, the downtown part of the city, the more modern skyscrapers, the Gwangan bridge, the beach, and the mountains. I also gave the illustration a “night vibe” because I think that cities are the most beautiful at night, the way that everything lights up, I love it.

🔸 What did I get to know about Busan?
You can go to see beautiful temples in one part, then go to a super modern area with skyscrapers, or go to a village with all of these colorful buildings that are a completely different style than the skyscrapers. I love when cities combine the old and new.

🔸 What does travel mean to me?
For me, travel is a learning experience.we realize even more that the world is more than just what you see around your own city. Coming from the United States, honestly, we do not put an emphasis on learning about other cultures in school. It is super sad and I think it is a shame that the students do not necessarily realize how vast the world is.

When you finally travel you realize, where I live is just one tiny place in the world, You develop empathy and understanding for others, you learn to be open-minded and most importantly you realize that we are all more similar than you’d think, we’re all just human. I think this is key for creating peace in the world.

🔸 What do I think about the Nomadher community?
I got the chance to meet NomadHers. We got drinks one evening in Paris and had lots of interesting conversations. The community is full of girls from diverse backgrounds, who all love to travel.

From Novita

🔸 Why did I participate?
Hello, I am Novita from Indonesia. I am thankful for the appreciation of my artwork. I am so glad and surprised at the same time when I knew that I got the third position.

I knew this competition from Instagram, and I was attracted to join because it is suitable with my passion to draw. Therefore, I tried to join.

🔸 What did I want to express through my work?
When I made this illustration, my inspiration came from my friends who were solo traveller and visited various places. Therefore, I decided to make an illustration from the concept of female travellers, they can visit various places such as Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan Tower, and Haeundae Beach to get magnificent experiences.

Through this illustration, I also want to tell people that a woman can go traveling alone, including going to Busan. Meeting a lot of new people there, in Busan, can be an incredible experience.
Moreover, my friends were really attracted to Korean culture. So, Busan sounds familiar to me because my friends commonly talk about it. A lot of tourism destinations can be visited there, such as Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan Tower, Haeundae Beach.

🔸 What do I think about the Nomadher community?
For me, travelling is an exciting activity. Besides visiting various lovely places, travelling also allows us to gain a lot of new friends, challenge our courage as well as our socializing skill.
I have never found this kind of community before. A lot of experience and pleasure shared by this community member motivates me to go for solo travelling.

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