Is Seoul Expensive for solo female travelers?

✳️ Weather in Seoul

✳️ Accommodation in Seoul

Accommodation in Seoul is more expensive than in Southeast Asia but cheaper than in Europe. Guesthouses and hostels usually start from €20 (25,000 KRW) per night, and business hotels or residences start from €55 (70,000 KRW). In South Korea, it can be more expensive during the summer vacation season (July to August) and weekends, so it is recommended to make a reservation in advance. As Seoul is a city that represents South Korea, there are many female hostels run by female hosts too.

✳️ Transportation in Seoul

Seoul, the representative city of South Korea, is closely connected by public transportation. It is well connected to every corner of Seoul. Koreans often use public transportation such as buses and subways for commuting to work or meeting with friends because it is usually run on time. I will tell you how Koreans use public transportation and how much it costs!

✳️ Food in Seoul

South Korea is famous for making a variety of dishes depending on the seasonings and recipes. So, It is also a place where you can find its food industry is competitive to reach out to people. For example, in the case of Chimaek(a pairing of fried chicken and beer), which Koreans love a lot, There are lots of different tastes of chicken depending on the seasoning and brand. Fried chicken, a global food, is reborn in a Korean style.

✳️ Main areas in Seoul

Seoul is a very big city. but it is closely well connected with subway stations. Even first-time visitors to Seoul will be able to understand the city much more easily if they know the characteristics of each area based on subway stations. Here are the main areas to go together based on the metro station.

Gwangjang Market

✳️ How to meet locals in Seoul

Traveling as a solo traveler gives lots of freedom. But sometimes, it would be more fun if you can hang out with local friends. One of the most difficult things about traveling abroad for yourself could be making local friends. Then, Is there any way to meet local friends easily?



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