Is Romania safe for solo female travelers?

✳️ Is Romania safe for solo female travelers?

All I can say is that I’m so grateful to have chosen this city for my solo trip: I’ve never felt unsafe walking alone, Romanians are very welcoming, and be sure that if you need help, you will find a Romanian ready to help you. Romania has so many things to offer, it’s only up to us to go there and discover them all.

✳️ Can I use Euro in Romania?

Even though Romania is in Europe, they don’t have Euros. Instead, they use a currency called the Romanian leu. But don’t worry because a credit card is accepted everywhere, so you can survive easily without changing your money.

✳️ How can I go downtown from the airport?

The airport “Henri Coanda” is well connected to the city center with 🚌 the 783 bus that goes back and forth every 20 minutes, so let the adventure begin: I got on the bus and in half an hour I arrived at the hotel (Tip #1: always book a hotel located in the very city center so you would feel safe going out at night or simply coming back to the hotel after dinner, and in this city, you can find a lot of good-for-value hotels).

✳️ Where are your favorite places in Bucharest?

After checking in, I immediately started to explore the city Bucharest has a lot of streets full of cafes, cute shops, and beautiful places.

✳️ Could you recommend a restaurant that is good to go?

🍷 Caru’ cu bere restaurant



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