Is Madeira safe for solo female travelers?

✳️About Madeira

Madeira island, a Portuguese archipelago is in the middle of the Atlantic. Its beautiful blue sea, warm weather, and various activities in nature have attracted tourists all the seasons. The temperatures are overall stable and warm throughout the year. It takes more or less 3 hours from all the main countries in Europe by flight. It is also known as the birthplace of the Portuguese famous football (soccer) player Cristiano Ronaldo. These days, Madeira is getting famous for Europe’s first Nomad village in Ponta Do Sol. In this ultimate guide about Madeira, you will learn and can draw the outline of your trip to Madeira island, Portugal.

✳️ Safety

Generally, Madeira is a safe destination for female solo travelers. Most locals are friendly, and open-minded to tourists. The weather is warm all season. so you can see the sunlight until 8 pm which makes you think it is still afternoon. The capital city of Maderia, Funchal, on the southern coast, is always crowded with full of travelers and locals. All in all, Madeira is safe but still, you are in a foreign country, it will be helpful to have common sense and keep an eye on your belongings all the time.

✳️ Main areas of Madeira

Madeira is a big island. So, It is divided into several regions. If you visit Madeira island at first, those are the places that you heard about a lot during your travel.


If travelers land at Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, This is the area that they go to first. Funchal is the capital of the Portuguese island of Madeira. It is known for its harbor, vibrant local markets, Madeira wine cellars, peaceful gardens, and historical cathedral. That is why you can find lots of accommodations and a chance to meet locals here.

Ponta do Sol

Ponta do Sol means the point of the sun in English. Like its name, you can see the beautiful sunset on Ponta do Sola’s pebble beach. It is a municipality on the southwestern coast of the island. it’s a relaxing area for a short stroll and walks around the town. Ponta do Sol is famous for being Europe’s first nomad village these days. Digital nomads who work remotely from all over Europe have come to this place to enjoy island life now.

Porto Santo

While you look around sightseeing places in Funchal, you often see the big ferry departing from the harbor. That is the ferry to be run between Funchal and Porto Santo. Porto Santo is a small island next to Madeira and takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to go. It is known for its clean, warm waters and soft sandy beach which you can’t find on Madeira island. If you expect an action-packed adventure, this is not the one. Instead, if you want to relax and take it easy, this is the right place for you.

✳️ Best things to do in Madeira


1️⃣ Vereda dos Balcões

💦 Water activities

1️⃣ Dolphin and whale watching tour

✳️ Best places to visit in Madeira

🍃 The place to see nature

Must-see gardens :

🏖️ The place to enjoy beaches

1️⃣ Praia do Porto do Seixal

🏛️ The place to have a cultural time

1️⃣ Santana houses

Other places of interest

1️⃣ Mercado Dos Lavradores (Local market)

✳️ Food & Restaurant

Madeira island has some great restaurants around the island. From traditional local food to fresh seafood, vegan restaurants, but also sweet ice cream that makes you happy. If you want to experience real local food, then try espetada first! Here are the best restaurants recommended in this ultimate guide.

🍽️ Best restaurants in Madeira

1️⃣ Doca do Cavacas

🍲 Local food of Madeira :

1️⃣ Bolo do Caco

🍹 Local drink of Madeira :

1️⃣ Nikita Cocktail

✳️ Accommodation

Madeira island is getting popular now and the weather is usually warm, so it attracts tourists all the year. So finding accommodation with a reasonable is competitive. The hostel in normal condition starts at least €50 in Funchal, the downtown area of the island. So it will be a good way to find a travel companion through the NomadHer community to share a room and save travel budget.

✳️ Transportation

✈️ To get to the island

By plane

🏝️ On Madeira

1️⃣ Bus

✈️ Are you planning to Madeira?

Join other solo female travelers heading to Madeira and meet local women! Meet women travelers on NomadHer App and ask questions about traveling solo to Madeira, Portugal. You can join the NomadHer community by downloading the app. Also, You can see have a quick look at what’s going on right now by following @nomad_her



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