Is Bali safe for solo female travelers?

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Bali, also known as The Island of Gods is a province in Indonesia. This city is now open for foreign tourists after two years of Covid-19 restriction. Bali is one of the safe places in the world and is famous for its digital nomad community these days to bring people to come to. So, I would like to share some tips for traveling to Bali. I’m Annisa and lived in Jakarta (Indonesia) and I’ve been to Bali 4 times my last visit was in December 2021. Hopefully, this helps anyone who wants to visit Bali!🌴


The easiest way to reach Bali is to take a direct flight to Bali. But, if there is no direct flight from your country, the alternative is to transit first in Jakarta. There are a lot of flight choices from Jakarta to Bali. Usually, the price starts from 35 USD.

Local transportation in Bali usually becomes a challenge due to the lack of public transportation🚌. If you’re a solo traveler and are capable of riding a motorcycle🛵. I highly recommend you rent a motorcycle. The motorcycle will also help you a lot to reach a more secluded area in Bali.

The alternative is to use online transportation (car or motorcycle). I suggest you take your time to explore the online transportation application (they will not only able to help you transport, but they also provide food and groceries delivery which is super handy!)

✳️ Places to visit

There are several areas that I recommend. Please also notes that since Bali’s tourism has just started to revive, there are a lot of hotel discounts (in December 2021, I managed to get a room in a 5-star resort for only 30 USD. So, don’t forget to explore your options!😄)

☑️ Kuta/Legian/Seminyak Beach Area

If you’re looking to enjoy your time on the beach🏖️, then this area is recommended for you. These 3 beaches are located next to each other. Usually, first-time visitors will stay in this area. There are a lot of bars and shops in this area (though it will also depend on the Covid-19 situation).


Kawi Resort A Pramana Experience — Ubud

Ubud is the place for you who are looking for a place to slow down, refresh, and calm your mind🧘‍♂️. Try to stay in a hotel that blends in with nature (you can find a hotel with rice fields, cliffs, and forest views). Try to explore Monkey Forest🌿, Tegallalang Rice Terraces🌴, and Ubud Market🍚, and don’t forget to try Yoga and Bali’s massage and spa in Ubud. Ubud is also where artists are located👩‍🎨. You can find interesting classes (my favorite is pottery). You can easily check the available workshops on Indonesian travel websites such as Traveloka or

Ps. make sure to eat some ducks in “Bebek Tepi Sawah” in Ubud.

☑️Kintamani (Bangli Area)

Lesser-known area in Bali but you won’t regret it. Probably 🌅the best sunrise I’ve ever witnessed. Try to check “Black Lava Camp Kintamani” and you will understand why I recommended this place. If you’re in this area, you can also check Batur Lake🌊 and Penglipuran (known as the cleanest traditional village).

☑️South Kuta Area

Pandawa Beach — from the paragliding starting point

The hotel price in this area is relatively higher than the others since most of them are resorts. There are a lot of beautiful beaches in this area with clear blue water🌊 (they have Pandawa Beach, Dreamland Beach, Nyang Nyang Beach, Melasti Beach, and many more!).

The most memorable activity that I’ve ever done in this area was to watch Kecak Dance during sunset in Uluwatu 💃Temples ⛩️ and paraglide 🪂 above Pandawa beach. Highly recommended and it is not that scary for first-timer. Try to check “Timbis Paragliding” for more! If you’re interested, try to contact the paragliding facilitator whether the weather and the wind are good for the flight or not.

☑️Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida island is a really beautiful island🌴. You can take a boat from Sanur (40 minutes). Only for this area, I recommend you to just take a 1 or 2 days tour package since this area is still relatively untouched and undeveloped. But the view is breathtaking.

Usually, there is 2 kind of tours. The first one road/land tour 👣(it requires more hiking for you to reach the bottom of the beach) and the other one is a boat tour 🛶(so you will explore the beach by boat). Don’t forget to bring cash to this island along with your swimming suits. The most popular place on this island is “Kelingking Beach”

✳️ How to dress

Bali is located in a tropical country. So, bring your swimming suits and dress comfortably. Please be aware if you’re visiting a sacred place (forest, temple, etc.), try to check what is allowed and not allowed.

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