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3 min readNov 5, 2021

I look at the calendar today and recognize that there were less than two months left in 2021. It was a busy year without having time to look closely at the calendar. By the end of the year, other companies will have time to wrap up this year.

Currently, NomadHer team has been selected as one of 72 pitching finals participants among the 2,000 startups of the World’s largest startup conference, Web Summit in Portugal, and part of our team is working in Lisbon now. and other team members are working on the Busan travel Guidebook project for female travelers in Korea. Depending on the project, we split up or gather a team and move flexibly.

One of the projects the Korean team has been focusing on recently is making a Busan travel guidebook for female solo travelers. Do you remember the first solo trip that you prepared alone? In my case, the trip to Prague for four days, which was the first overseas destination, begins with a scene of Incheon International Airport without knowing what I really don’t know.

At that time, when I searched for travel information, each person recommended different things, and the information itself was too vast. I was at a loss where to start researching. So I want to make a guidebook that can be a milestone that has good information which is very well-curated and people could do more research based on it if they want to know more.

So NomadHer team will make a travel guidebook for female travelers visiting Busan following Paris, Lisbon, Seoul, New York, and Morocco! Both Korean and English will be published at the end of November!

When we meet people who are good at speaking and writing, we think they have the basic skills to work well. To NomadHer team, there is a basic but very essential mindset that we always have before starting new projects. What project we do, don’t forget we work for female travellers to improve their lives and be connected. So from the stage of planning the Busan travel guidebook this time, the very first opinion that comes out from the team is, “I hope NomadHers will participate together,”

That is how this illustration contest which shows beautiful places in Busan comes from. Meet the NomadHer team and community while participating in the project together!

A female illustrator who will want to express Busan’s beautiful attractions. Current or future NomadHers who support women’s independent lives through travel are welcome.

Detailed explanations of the illustration contest can be found on our app and website. If you have any questions about this competition, feel free to ask Team NomadHer!

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