How to Find Female Travel Companions?

7 min readAug 22, 2023

Are you interested in traveling abroad but finding coordinating schedules and destination preferences with your friends challenging? As a result, you’ve decided to embark on your adventures alone. However, you’re concerned about feeling lonely throughout the trip.

Planning the itinerary and budget without anyone to share the experience with can be daunting. So, you might be wondering, “How can I find a travel buddy to make my journey more enjoyable?” Let me guide you on how to discover the perfect travel companion who shares your interests.

1. Checking the safety of your desired travel destination

If you’re a solo female traveler planning to go abroad, it’s essential to ensure that the country you wish to visit is safe enough for solo travel. If you have to constantly look over your shoulder and be cautious while walking on the street, even with a travel buddy, it diminishes the joy of your long-awaited trip.

So, how can you determine if your city to travel is safe for solo female travelers? Here are a few effective approaches to consider:

  • Search on Google with the question “Is [city name] safe for solo female travelers?”
  • Reach out to fellow travelers who have previously visited the destination and ask for their insights.

By searching the specific question like “Is [city name] safe for solo female travelers?” on Google, you’ll discover more detailed answers that take into account various aspects relevant to female travelers.

Once you hit the search button, you’ll be surprised to find numerous articles providing tips on traveling safely. It’s an essential question when it comes to travel. For example, if you search “Is Dubai safe for solo female travelers?”, you can read firsthand experiences from women who have already visited Dubai.

If you’re more proactive, you can even reach out to the authors of those articles. Most travel content includes the author’s social media information. If you have further questions after reading their articles, don’t hesitate to contact them directly. Receiving a response from someone who appreciates your interest is a delightful experience for anyone. Who knows, the author might even introduce you to some wonderful people they met during their stay in the destination!

2. Find a women-only hostel and participate in local events

When choosing accommodations, staying at a women-only hostel can naturally lead to meeting local friends and fellow travelers. Especially in foreign countries, where there are many backpackers, finding hostels is not difficult. Most hostels organize various events, ranging from casual gatherings in the lounge for enjoying beer and pizza in the evening to activities such as yoga and dance classes. These events provide opportunities for travelers to bond and make new connections.

During my stay in Lisbon, I had the pleasure of lodging at a hostel that arranged special events featuring local indie bands in their lounge during the evenings. With familiar pop songs and lively guitar playing, I found myself singing along with the people sitting next to me, creating a sense of unity with everyone there.‍

How to find the right hostel for you :

  • By reading hostel reviews, you can get an idea of the atmosphere. Reviews can tell you if it’s a lively and bustling place or a calm and cozy atmosphere where guests can interact comfortably. Knowing the atmosphere that suits you will make it easier to make new friends while traveling.
  • It is recommended to spend more time in the hostel lounge rather than staying in your room. Hostel lounges are where people naturally interact and socialize. If you make eye contact with someone, greet them with a friendly hello! As you engage in conversations, you may find a travel buddy for tomorrow’s activities.

3. Join a Trustworthy Solo Female Travel App and Community

When you ask experienced female travelers where they find travel information, most of them will mention being part of travel communities. They rely on these communities to obtain the necessary information. After all, it’s in these communities where passionate travelers share insider tips and insights that only locals would know.

By joining travel apps or communities, you not only gain access to local knowledge but also find travel companions with similar itineraries more easily than elsewhere. Especially in female travel communities, you can easily connect with people who are open and willing to discuss their travel experiences, including honest concerns and dilemmas.

For example, if you’re a woman, you may have wondered about the challenges of traveling abroad with an irregular menstrual cycle. In women’s travel communities, it’s common to see people openly seeking advice and sharing tips on this topic without hesitation. Frequently asked questions and answers are often compiled into guides like “The Ultimate Guide to Traveling on Your Period,” making valuable information easily accessible for newcomers.

Joining a solo female travel community opens up a world of support, guidance, and shared experiences that can enhance your travel journey. So, don’t hesitate to become a part of these communities and explore the wealth of knowledge and connections they offer.‍

Then, How can you determine if a female solo travel app/community is trustworthy?

3 Steps to Confirm if it’s a Reliable Solo Female Travel App/Community

  • Who created this app/community?
  • How is it being operated?
  • What kind of people will I meet here?

Who created it?

Most women’s travel communities are created out of concern for women’s safety during their travels. The core value behind these communities is to establish a safe space for women. Understanding how dedicated the community founder is to ensure women’s safe travels can help you decide which communities to choose to join.

For example, by reading “As a woman, Isn’t it dangerous and difficult? to travel solo?” , you can gain insights into how the founder of NomadHer was influenced by her own experiences in creating the community. Before joining, if you search for blogs or interviews conducted by the community founder you are interested in, you can determine if it’s the right community for you.‍

If you’re still wondering whether it’s a safe app for women, take a look at the community member registration process!

Is it really for women only?

This is likely the most common question that arises when searching for female travel communities. Securing reliable travel companions in a new country is crucial for a truly fulfilling journey. That’s why the member registration process for women’s communities is particularly significant. Understanding how the registration process works can provide helpful tips for determining if it’s a safe place to join.

Is NomadHer safe?

When comparing communities that require social media registration to join with NomadHer’s requirement of ID verification and a selfie, which one creates a stronger sense of safety as a women’s community? You may question the necessity of such procedures. However, when it comes to ensuring safety, the NomadHer team firmly believes that there can be no compromises.

Interestingly, it is precisely due to these meticulous verification procedures that genuine female travelers, who prioritize their safety, choose to become part of NomadHer. Once the registration and verification process is successfully completed, all personal data is neither stored nor retained but instead automatically deleted.

What kind of people will I meet here?

One of the most common curiosities when becoming an active member of a community is the anticipation of who you will meet there. In the case of solo female travel communities like NomadHer, you will encounter female travelers from different countries who genuinely love travel. They engage in open and candid discussions, sharing their concerns and exchanging solutions.

Through the travel buddy feature on the app, you can easily find companions whose profiles align with your preferences and interests. This makes it easier to connect with like-minded individuals and find travel partners.

Within the NomadHer community, you will come across stories shared by Katie, offering valuable insights on how to overcome loneliness while traveling alone. Additionally, you will discover Gaelle’s journey of becoming a digital nomad after the pandemic, along with her wisdom in effectively balancing work and travel. Furthermore, Maron shares inspiring stories and tips for women on how to continue traveling on a budget.

As you read through the discussions and connect with friends who are discussing topics you are eager to share, you will feel a strong desire to meet them in person when you embark on your own journey.

Check out their stories here:

By following these three tips when traveling alone as a woman: 1. Ensuring the safety of your destination country, 2. Finding women-only hostels and participating in local events, and 3. By joining trustworthy women’s travel communities, you can enjoy overseas travel in a safer and more fulfilling way. Finding a like-minded travel buddy can remarkably enhance the travel experience, enriching it with diverse perspectives. Despite differences in nationality, language, and culture, we can discover shared interests and uncover valuable insights from each other’s lives.

More about NomadHer :

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