How I turn my fear into a passion to start my first solo trip

Try to avoid fear at first

In 2020, like many others, I was faced with the isolation that COVID-19 brought us. I spent eighteen months building my wanderlust for the world. I began to find curiosity in looking into new places and dreaming of being able to see them on my own.

Find a way to travel and study both

As those eighteen long months of isolation drew to a close and I finished my final year of high school, I looked for what I would be doing next. I had always seen myself continuing my education and was not ready to give up on that. My wanderlust continued to grow as I began to figure out what university I would attend. One day I had the relaxation, why can’t I just do both?

Decide to begin my first solo trip starting from Turkey

Where to go? Where to go on your own when you have no clue what you are doing? I had no one around me that had solo traveled before and said to me to try a solo trip once in my life. So I had to rely on myself and my research to do it.

Turkey becomes my love

When I arrived in Turkey, I instantly fell in love. The people, the food, the nature, it was just the most beautiful place. I spent a month there (and would return six months later to see it again), before heading off to see more places. I had no clue what my adventure would bring, but I can now safely say that buying that ticket was the best choice I could have made.



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