How do I meet other solo female Travellers? : Women’s Day campaign recap in Seoul

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Attention all women who love to travel solo and are seeking a supportive community to explore the world with confidence! NomadHer, a community that is dedicated to ensuring safe travel for women, has organized amazing Women’s Day events and festivals for women in Seoul and Paris every March and October.

Last October, NomadHer proudly hosted the Seoul Female Globetrotter Festival, which brought together over 100 women from all over the world at the Google Startup Campus in Seoul. With the backing of Google Startup Campus and the support of nine amazing Korean brands, including Yanolja, Melixer, and Yullip, this festival aimed to inspire and empower women to carve their own paths in their fields and become the heroines of their own stories.

The festival presented an incredible opportunity for women to interact with digital nomads and female entrepreneurs, discovering innovative ways to build a community for women. Moreover, as they networked, the participants bonded closely by sharing their experiences and participating in activity classes like hula dancing together.

NomadHer’s events are an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded women, establish new friendships, and gain valuable insights and experiences from fellow travelers. Whether you are an experienced solo traveler or someone who is just getting started, this is an event you cannot afford to miss if you want to explore the world confidently and safely.

Why Are Women’s Events So Important?

As we talked with various participants at the festival, we heard a recurring opinion that there should be more events for women in South Korea. Here is what they said:

“I felt more comfortable and at ease while networking because it was a festival for women. I was also impressed by the sincere interest and attentive listening of fellow participants.”

“Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I could communicate with women from different countries like the U.S. and France. Through this festival, I realized that language barriers and cultural differences cannot prevent people from connecting.

After receiving valuable feedback from each participant, the team put their heads together to brainstorm. We discovered that women of all ages, from their 20s to their 60s, were traveling solo and pursuing their dreams. We contemplated what kind of support we could offer to empower these women. This led us to consider the one-month Women’s Day event held this March.

We thought about how we could make it more accessible to women and encourage them to travel alone. With this in mind, we came up with the idea of a one-month campaign that would feature female travelers like us. This was something that the NomadHer team had always been passionate about and excelled at.

Start Your Solo Female Travel Journey in Your Own City

The NomadHer community attracts women of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds who aspire to travel solo. From recent high school graduates taking their first solo trip to retirees embarking on a journey just for themselves, NomadHer is a welcoming space for all.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced traveler, NomadHer offers real-time information and safety tips to help you overcome the fear of traveling alone. These tips include recommendations for safe cities for women and guidance on how to start small and build your confidence.

One such tip mentioned on the platform is to take small trips. Just like you can’t run a marathon without training, it’s important to start with a single step and take things one day at a time. Even if it’s just exploring your local area with fresh eyes, it can encourage you to embrace the spirit of travel right where you are.

After all, traveling isn’t just about going to far-off places and spending money. It’s about cultivating a mindset of adventure and exploration, no matter where you are in the world. So why not start your solo travel journey today, right in your own backyard?

By organizing events for women, our goal was to provide women with the chance to experience the essence of solo travel by taking walks in familiar places around Seoul, our beloved city this time. Depending on who accompanies you, even the most frequently visited places can feel like unexplored territories, turning everyday life into a thrilling adventure.

We hope that you’ll embrace the charm of traveling solo, where you arrive as a lone adventurer but depart with new friends. Traveling alone is not a far-off aspiration but a dream that you can fulfill right where you live.

NomadHer Sisterhood | Exploring Gapyeong Hiking Trail: An Adventure for Female Travelers

Have you ever caught a glimpse of students on a bus and felt nostalgic about the lively get-togethers you had with your school friends? It’s what we call “memories”, the things we have forgotten as adults but still remain in our hearts.

We prepared a gathering for women where just looking at each other could bring smiles and a strong sense of camaraderie. We headed to Gapyeong, the mecca of gatherings in Korea.

With excitement in our hearts, like going on a spring picnic, we set off on the Gapyeong hiking trail. What kind of memories did we create on that day?

✅Treasure Hunting and Yongchu Valley: A Unique Experience on the Gapyeong MT Trip

The Gapyeong MT (Membership Training) trip covered a distance of 9.4km and offered a unique experience of escaping the bustling cities and traveling back in time. Our aim was to give the participants a day away from their daily routines. As we walked along the picturesque trail, we encountered various fascinating experiences at every turn.

Collecting stamps on a stamp book at each course was quite charming. Dancing on the stage of Nado Star Jat Market filled us with pride, and the healing time spent amidst phytoncide and treasure hunting at Yongchu Valley was invigorating. Women from France, Spain, and Korea danced together to the music of Hype Boy by Newjeans. Their beautiful performance brought everyone closer, and we felt the power of K-pop music.

Later, everyone joined in the dance, whether they were professional dancers or audience. We relished the local food at the market, and sharing the nutty makgeolli made it even more delicious. As we indulged in treasure hunts, danced, and savored the first-ever bean soup, we felt a sense of nostalgia. Looking back, we realized how much we might have missed the things we loved by being too busy with our daily routines.

As we gazed upon the stunning view of Yongchu Valley, we were momentarily lost for words. Sometimes, words like “it’s amazing!” fall short of describing the breathtaking beauty of nature. Looking at the Yongchu Valley sprawled out before us, we were reminded that stunning nature was always around us.

✅ Professional Female Hiking Guide & Founder of Travel Master, a Korean Outdoor Startup.

NomadHer has collaborated with female entrepreneurs who are forging their own paths in various fields. This time, we teamed up with Travel Master’s representative, Myeong-soo, who leads a Korean outdoor startup, to create a Gapyeong trip for women.

How did Myeong-soo, an ordinary office worker who loved outdoor activities, come to start a business with her passion? She pursued outdoor-related certifications and honed her expertise, eventually launching her own company. Thanks to her, we had a more immersive experience on the trail, with expert explanations that we wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

As a fellow female outdoor enthusiast, Myeong-soo took great care to ensure the safety of women experiencing outdoor activities for the first time. Thanks to her efforts, we were able to complete the over 9 km-long trail without incident. Be sure to check out the Jeju Chuja-do island camping trip with Myeong-soo on the NomadHer app now!

When it comes to NomadHer local travel, one of the things you can’t miss is the delicious food that locals eat. It’s said that the most delicious food in the world is the one shared after sweating together. At a local restaurant in Gapyeong, participants’ eyes widened at the sight of a healthy, seasonal farm table filled with dishes made from fresh ingredients. Especially foreign friends were surprised and asked if they could finish all the side dishes on the table. After the journey, the feeling of relaxation was complete when colleagues who had shared the experience together drank Gapyeong’s famous cool pine nut makgeolli.

One participant said, “I was surprised to see so many programs prepared for a day trip. From the Jatgoeul Market, the jat-kongjuk(pine nut bean porridge), and makgeolli we ate there, to a dance competition and treasure hunt, it felt like an enriching trip. The breathtaking scenery of Yongchu Canyon is still unforgettable.”

NomadHer’s local trips come with various programs, including region-specific activities and meals that let you experience local flavors. Check out NomadHer surfing camp in Busan, held every other week from April to September!

NomadHer Connect: Start Your Solo Trip in Your City — Seoul

When you think of Seoul, South Korea, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Most people probably envision iconic landmarks such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namsan Tower, and the Han River. Although the Han River is a well-known attraction in Seoul, do you really know much about it? Perhaps you have been hesitant to visit alone, feeling a bit awkward about going solo.

But is there a better place than the Han River to experience the feeling of traveling alone? That is why the NomadHer team held a Han River netwalking event. On a sunny weekend morning, 40 female travelers gathered at Yeouido Park, ready to escape their daily routines and feel the warm spring breeze blowing over the river.

The group consisted of locals and female travelers from all over the world, including Singapore, Russia, India, and France, who shared a love for Korea and its capital city. After greeting each other with casual hellos, they naturally gathered in small groups to chat and exchange stories in various languages. It was an impressive sight to see the group of strangers connect so easily and form a bond over their shared love for travel.

✅ Touch in the Music: A Time to Wake Up and Break the Ice

Before embarking on a walking tour along the river, we prepared a program to wake up our bodies and break the ice among participants. It’s called “Touch Her Body” time. We formed a circle in the spacious area of Yeouido Park and touched each other’s bodies to upbeat music. When the music started, some enthusiastic participants began to move first. Others soon followed suit, and everyone began to relax and approach their new friends with ease.

It turns out that getting to know people can be surprisingly simple — just take a step closer to the person next to you! If you feel lonely when traveling alone, think about this: other people are probably waiting for you to start the conversation too. All you have to do is take that one step forward. Your solo travel experience will change from that moment on.

✅ Discovering the Han River on a Walking Trip with Female Travelers: What to See

We embarked on a 6.5 km, two-hour walk from Yeouido Park to Mangwon Hangang Park, discovering various breathtaking sights of the Han River that we had never imagined before.

The journey began at Yeouido Park, which is the flagship park of the Han River. From the very first step, it felt like a soulful expedition with the Han River by our side. This was also where the participants started chatting about the beauty of Seoul.

Walking across Seogang Bridge felt like gliding on the vast Han River. Although many of us had seen the Han River before, for many others, it was their first time walking over a bridge above the river, and they found it enchanting. We paused to take a photo of the Han River and to see Bamseom Island, famous for migratory birds.

The path to Mangwon Park, the final destination on the course, felt like strolling through a woodland. It had a charming local character and was beloved by the local community. As we walked, we all grew closer, conversing about a range of topics from travel and career to interests. This event allowed women to discover the various charms of the Han River and network with other female travelers.

“I have lived in Seoul for a long time, but I never knew that the Han River could be this enjoyable. Thanks to this opportunity, I have seen the Han River from a new perspective. Walking while conversing with new people made me feel closer to them. On this occasion, I’m thinking of visiting other parks along the Han River.”

NomadHer Enjoy | Female DJ Music Party in Seoul

Did you know that there are many talented female DJs in Seoul? NomadHer has been at the forefront of promoting female artists through collaborations with festivals, illustration challenges, and other events. At the NomadHer Seoul music party held at Social Haven, a chic bar and cultural space in HaeBangChon, attendees had the opportunity to meet and enjoy performances by a diverse group of female artists, including three active female DJs in Seoul: Suher Chandi, Grace Kim, and Sehee Shay, as well as NomadHer’s own developer and DJ, Mechant Chaton.

The music party was an open event, aligned with NomadHer’s values and philosophy of encouraging more women to challenge themselves and travel, regardless of race, age, gender, or nationality. It lasted late into the night and provided a chance not only to enjoy great music and delicious food but also to meet friends from diverse backgrounds and have engaging conversations.

One participant shared, “I felt like I was experiencing the local bar scene while traveling abroad. It was great to meet so many talented female DJs active in Korea. Seeing everyone juggling their day jobs while still enjoying Seoul’s nightlife was impressive. I’m looking forward to the next party, where I can fully enjoy the music and meet more amazing women from different backgrounds.

The Art of Solo Travel : Unforgettable Moments Shared by Passionate Solo Travelers

During the Seoul campaign for women, the NomadHer community members enthusiastically stepped up to create a lively atmosphere at the event. In particular, Sohyun and Minju, both active members of the community, warmly greeted first-time attendees and assisted with ice-breaking activities, moving from group to group. They generously gave away She Can Travel Anywhere sweatshirts and t-shirts to the participants, taking beautiful photos and videos of the event as well. Through their participation in various NomadHer meetups, they have become close friends and now serve as the community’s dedicated supporters.

Sohyun, who hosts a walking tour in Suwon Hwaseong, has broadened her perspective through NomadHer by meeting diverse people and seeing the world through their eyes. She exchanged unique travel stories with the participants and was surprised to find similar travel styles and hear fascinating tales of unexplored destinations.

Minju, who participated in the Digital Nomad Aphero and Cherry Blossom Picnic meetups last year, was amazed at the number of women who are sincere about traveling and personal growth through NomadHer. Having worked on a working holiday in Paris, she found herself discussing her experience in Paris and Seoul with friends from Paris. At this event, she had a great time networking with many professionals in the same field.

NomadHer values the bond between community members, and many events are created with the involvement of the members. For those who missed this event, NomadHer has prepared new trips where you can join and be part of the community. Download the NomadHer app and meet female travelers!

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