Gloria’s First Internship Recap in Paris

4 min readJan 13, 2023

When I graduated High School in the US and decided to take a gap year to travel, I would never have imagined that less than half a year later, I would be in France finishing my first internship. Even more than that, I would not have dreamt of being able to intern for a company that’s mission is helping other women also realize the empowering experience of solo traveling!

Hello, my name is Gloria, I am 18 years old and am on a gap year before college and for the past three months, I have had the honor to be in an internship program for students for NomadHer in Paris, France! I saw this opportunity for the first time over the summer in an email from LinkedIn, and I almost didn’t apply based on my assumption that I would be chosen for such an amazing opportunity. But I am so glad that I did apply because along with a few other offers, I received an email from Hyojeong Kim, founder, and CEO of NomadHer, letting me know that they would like me to intern in Paris for the next three months!

When I arrived in Paris and at Station F, I was in awe of all of the innovation, ideas, and passionate people I was surrounded with, and made so many new friends and connections that I am sure I will maintain for years and years from now. As things got into motion, I began to work on preparations for the Paris Female Globetrotter Festival, the main event that I would be working on planning alongside the Paris NomadHer Team.

The more we got into the work, the more I began to learn from everyone on the team and from everything I was able to experience.

From cross-cultural communications to PR communication and marketing working online with teammates who were in different countries, every day brought with it new learning, experiences, and fun. Not only did I meet so many people through the NomadHer team, but also through meetups in Paris and the Female Globetrotter Festival. No matter how much work we had to do, the team would always make an effort to complete every task with so much attention and passion– it was impossible to not be inspired by such a dedicated team!

It is almost impossible to pinpoint my favorite memory from the internship, but October 29th, the day of the Female Globetrotter Festival, is definitely up there. After weeks of brainstorming, reaching out to the community, and work, we were finally able to bring the Festival together. Seeing a room full of women travelers from all over the world and with the sound of amazing conversation and sharing of stories was incredible.

To this day, I still remain in contact with many of the women that I met during my first remote internship for NomadHer in Paris, and through my travels, I continue to meet NomadHers everywhere I go. During this gap year, I knew that I wanted to travel solo to learn about myself and the world, but I got something even better. I got the chance to learn about the world through the beautiful conversations, connections, and friendships that are created in the NomadHer community, and that is the best travel experience I could ever ask for. She Can Travel Anywhere!

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