A perfect fairy-tale trip to Alsace, France including Strasbourg and Colmar

✳️ Transportation of Alsace

I stayed in Strasbourg the capital city of Alsace and from there I took public transportation to move around and visit other places.

✳️ What to see in Alsace

▪️In Strasbourg

Notre-Dame cathedral
Covered Bridges
Petite Venice
Maison Pfiste

✳️ What to eat in Alsace

The traditional Alsatian cuisine is a blend of French and German dishes.

😊Who is NomadHer writer

Sofia Antognoli is from Italy and can speak 4 languages like Italian, English, Spanish, and French. She has lots of curiosity about the world. That is why she has lots of countries to keep traveling to! also loves festivals! Do you want to hear more stories about her perfect fairy-tale trip to Alsace, France? You can connect to her through the NomadHer community now.

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