A first-timer’s guide to a van road trip as solo female travelers

✳️ To start the first van trip in earnest

Within a week it was ready to go on a van trip and I was off on an adventure, by the Atlantic Ocean! Not too far from my home, in a place where I used to go, just to test my layout and to be able to go back more easily if something went wrong. This first week allowed me to see what was and wasn’t right, what I needed to revise or redo (my shutters for example), what I needed to provide more of (water supplies for wild places), or what I could get rid of (I had taken way too many clothes).

✳️ New experiences with traveling with my van

1. I can discover new experiences every time during the van trip

Each compartment has its function! One for hobbies (computer, books, etc), one for laundry (to be adapted according to the seasons), one for hygiene products and laundry, one for the (mini) food reserve, and finally one for the kitchen.
Once each compartment has its cover, the whole thing forms a large box spring! I only have to lower my passenger seat to be able to stretch out my legs. It serves as storage and as a bed base.

✳️ Tips to think about before starting your first solo van trip

▪ Water

Good meals that feel good after a day of hiking or at the sea! Or simply to start the day well. I always try to have a little bit of stock at the beginning and then I go to the local markets to fill up!
When it’s not raining, I can leave the trunk wide open (and with the doors open, the draft dries my laundry faster).

✳️ What else do I bring to the van trip

▪ Clothes & Books



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